Popover triggers ng-show too much time

I have a list of items in scope whick i use for building some ion-list and i got a popove whcihr:
$ionicPopover.fromTemplateUrl('popover.html', { scope: $scope }).then(function(popover) { $scope.popover = popover; });

In popover.html i have some element with ng-show directive which tirggers some visibility function :
<p ng-show=checkVisibility()" >Some staff here</p>
The problem is this function triggers too much times, is thre any way to reduce the function calls to one when i show popover?

P.s. Here is PEN

Have you tried one-time binding syntax ::?

<p ng-show="::checkVisibility()" >Some staff here</p>[enter link description here][2]

Thank you very much! Works well!