Popover flickers when dismissed

Hi forum, I need a bit of help with the popover in Ionic v6 rc3 and Stencil 2.10.
The problem is that when the popover closes, it flickers. It does when I click in the inside options or backdrop.
Here’s the demo:
The same exact code works perfectly (with no flickering) in Ionic 5.9.1.
So… It may be a bug? Or did I miss something in the changes report?

Thank you in advance, this is my code:
(I have no CSS)

Calling popover

<ion-button onClick={ev => this.presentPopover(ev)}>
     <ion-icon name="ellipsis-horizontal" />

Creating popover

async presentPopover(ev: any) {
        const popover = await popoverController.create({
            component: 'popover-modal-configure-mold',
            cssClass: 'popover-modal-configure-mold',
            event: ev,
            translucent: true,
        await popover.present();

        popover.onDidDismiss().then((data) => {
            if (data.data !== undefined) {
                if (data.data === 'copy') {
                } else {

And rendering popover

@Element() popover: HTMLElement;

    render() {
        return [
                <ion-item onClick={() => this.popover.closest('ion-popover').dismiss('copy')}>
                        Copiar de otro molde
                    <ion-icon name="copy" slot="end" />
                <ion-item lines="none" onClick={() => this.popover.closest('ion-popover').dismiss('save')}>
                    <ion-icon name="save" slot="end" />

Can you file an issue on Issues · ionic-team/ionic-framework · GitHub?