Popover adding inline styles - help me understand

Ionic is adding some inline styles to my popover component, different depending on the platform. iOS is adding “left: 2px” and android is adding “left: 12px”.



My goal is to have the popover take up 100% of the width flush with the edges on both platforms. I looked in the docs and there doesn’t seem to be a sass variable for the ‘left’ property. I think I can figure out a workaround using the “!important” flag and nesting styles inside the .ios or .android selectors, but it feels like a hack. Can anyone enlighten me as to how ionic sets this property?

You’ve already played with the SASS variables? That’s what it sounds like to me, because the md border isn’t the same as the iOS border.

I’m not trying to change the border, I’m trying to change the ‘left’ property, that offsets the element from the edge of the window.

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