Poll: using MD/iOS modes on other platforms

I have a couple polls, if you please.

Considering design and UX, which mode do you prefer?

  • MD
  • iOS
  • WP

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Do you, or would you, use one mode on an unintended device?

  • Use MD on iOS
  • Use iOS on MD
  • Stick to the expected mode

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Please answer the above before poisoning the well with my thoughts here or any comments below.

[spoiler]I’m considering using Material Design on iOS devices for my upcoming app.

I do most of my development in the browser. As such, I’ve become quite used to looking at MD. Whenever I test via device, emulator, or switch the user agent to iOS, I’m struck by how ugly it is in comparison.

I’ve been exclusively an iPhone user since the first iteration, so I’m not speaking as an Android fanboy. But I find MD to wildly better than iOS, and prefer when apps on iOS take cues from MD.

Additionally, there are development/design benefits to only worrying about one mode.[/spoiler]

I’d appreciate any comments you have, or experiences you can share, as well. Thanks for your time.

Here are a couple articles where the authors dislike MD or disagree with using it on iOS, but the comments show a good deal of support for it; The Next Web and Macworld.