Plugins performance problems



I have an app with android and ios versions. The application uses several plugins to geolocation, change screen orientation, app version… Testing it in android and ipad mini with ios 9 the app runs with no problem but in iphone 5 with ios10 the performance of the pages that call to plugin functions falls dramatically.

For example showing app version takes several seconds. Additionally, it has a weird behavior. If I press home button and enter in the app again, it shows immediately.

Any idea of why this happens?

    Cordova CLI      : 7.0.0
    Ionic CLI        : 3.2.0
    cordova-android": "^6.2.3",
    cordova-ios": "^4.4.0",


>cordova plugin ls
cordova-plugin-app-version 0.1.9 "AppVersion"
cordova-plugin-compat 1.1.0 "Compat"
cordova-plugin-console 1.0.7 "Console"
cordova-plugin-device 1.1.6 "Device"
cordova-plugin-geolocation 2.4.3 "Geolocation"
cordova-plugin-screen-orientation 2.0.1 "Screen Orientation"
cordova-plugin-splashscreen 4.0.3 "Splashscreen"
cordova-plugin-statusbar 2.2.3 "StatusBar"
cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.3.2 "Whitelist"
cordova.plugins.diagnostic 3.6.2 "Diagnostic"
es6-promise-plugin 4.1.0 "Promise"
ionic-plugin-keyboard 2.2.1 "Keyboard"


What is this for? I would remove it if you don’t have a specific need for it.


It is required by cordova-plugin-screen-orientation.

From github (
"The web view components on Cordova supported platforms lack suport for ES6 Promise. A polyfill library bundled with the plugin fixes the limitation. However, as more plugin use promises, the application developer using these plugins will end up with multiple promise polyfill libraries.

This plugin attempts to fix this situation by providing a Promise polyfill so that other plugins can rely on this functionality."

My app has portrait orientation and I have to chage to landscape in order to show some charts.


I’m not using screen orientation plugin but I still see that es6 plugin installed which is new…