Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views (repost)


Thanks @arturokunder, fixed via


Looks like the latest update of the nightly breaks the slidebox completely.

I have a codepen I’ve been checking (based on one of the Ionic codepens) to see how the nightlies affect the slidebox, which our app uses pretty extensively:


@jough this is how the old slidebox worked. You have to set a height on it. We have temporarily removed the new carousel/slidebox since it’s not ready yet, so we’ve gone back to the existing version.

Try setting

.slider { height: 100%; }

Example here:


I am getting the same error as @cyprusglobe when I compile with the last version of Ruby Sass.

It seems that there is a problem when a template is included inside a tab. Select a new tab and go back to the previous tab, the content does not change:

Thank you for your great work!



I’m currently using the 837 nightly (seems totally fit what I’m building).
Surely will update it in few days, but for now I don’t want to discover potential new issues with latest for now.

However I came across a strange behavior regarding cached view.
Context is:
A) I have a ion-tab, let’s call page A that displays a list. (ng-repeat or collection-repeat, doesn’t matter).
2) When I scroll deeper and click on an item (leading to B page), when I go back, my scroll is remembered: good !
3) When I scroll deeper and click on an item, and open a modal on the B page, when I close it and go back to A, scroll goes to top! I just lose the previous scroll position ! Why ?

Is it a known issue ? Maybe fixed in the latest nightlies?
Has anyone ever experienced it?

It seems that the opening of a modal breaks the scroll behavior of the previous cached view.
Don’t figure out what could be the link between a modal…and a cached view’s scroll.

Thanks a lot !



Suspected regression in nightly 908 wrt popovers, see Popovers in b14 nightly


Same issue in the latest 908 build.


I also noticed a huge memory leak using nightly > 837 (included 908) when transitioning between pages.

Page A is a cached view, page B is not (cached: false).
When I transition from page A to page B (in the same ion-tab) and then go back, several times (let’s say 5 times), memory leaks.
I can easily notice it with the menu “Active applications” in an Android device, indicating the current memory status of the app.
My app can go from 59Mo to 130Mo and more… real issue.

Is it known ?


I’m experiencing an issue where one of my cached views will only stay cached when navigating “forward” from it. If I go back to a previous view away from it then it is removed from the DOM and the $ionicView.unloaded fires. I have put the cache-view="true" on the ion-viewand also tried applying cache: true to the state in my state config.

Any ideas on what is causing this? When I get some time I will make a codepen and see if I can replicate the issue.


@Ross By default, forward views are not cached. Try setting the forwardCache method using the $ionicConfigProvider.


  .config(function ($ionicConfigProvider) {



Thanks! I’m surprised I missed this detail and that it doesn’t affect a lot of my views. All of my other views don’t exhibit the issue that this one particular one does that I am describing. I’ll try setting that to true and see if it doesn’t fix.


I am also seeing memory problems. I haven’t bisected it completely, but my full app runs using older nightlies (872) on an iPhone using about 44MB RAM, and using the latest nightlies it gets terminated due to memory pressure, so I don’t really know how much it would need. I tried to remove parts of the functionality and it went to 58MB, so it’s more than that.

Nightly 872: 44MB for full app
Nightly 908: 58MB for app with some stuff removed.


Hi JesperWe,

May you try to launch the app with xcode attached (merely “run” button) and just switch betweens two of yours ion-tab items (meaning 2 menus) ? As long as you just switch ( 5 times for instance) , you may see the memory hugely increasing.

I’m curious to see if it happens in your app too. using 908 nightly.



No, I can not confirm that it is “hugely increasing” if I simply switch between to tabs with list views. I see a small increase in the order of a single MB after 5 times, but that could just be noise due to GC scheduling or something.

My main issue is that the overall memory footprint has grown a lot, especially when using the slide box, to the point where my app is terminating.


Sorry, the real increase comes when you transition between view inside a same tab.
Seems to be the same problem related to this “old” post:

I just know that UI-router has just been updated to 0.2.13…maybe a clue…

May you try this scenario? (just forward and go back several times with enabled transitions)


@JesperWe The popover bug should be fixed:


Hey @Mik378, I replied to your GH post too, but could you shed any more light on what’s in your app? We have our sample app:

Is there something your app does differently than this? After an initial visit to each page, the only growth I see is the array of view objects in the history. That object just has a few string properties, so the memory impact is very small and is intentional. What are you seeing and do you have any steps to reproduce it?


Hi Perry,

I’ve just answered on the GH topic.
Really thanks for your help, it sounds to be totally resolved now :wink:


While refactoring the controller instantiating the modal, the whole works now.
Independent from Ionic so, sorry: no problem of unexpected scrolling.


popovers fixed in 909. Thanks!