Please help of any kind. Navigating history breaks the layout

Hi guys and girls, please any advice would help me enormously,
I have a state for chatting, that gets populated the way I want when I adress the url from the beginning as $urlRouterProvider.otherwise('/sidemenu/chat/158/Meggy').

But when I navigate to a different state and go back to the identical chatting state the layout is broken.

I guess it has to do something with the navigating history or something. I have looked almost at everything and I do not know where to look for the mistake. Would you have suggestions of any kind?

.state('sidemenu', { url: '/sidemenu', templateUrl: 'templates/sidemenu.html', abstract:true }) .state('', { url: '/chat/:to_id/:to_username', views: { 'menuContent': { templateUrl:'templates/chat.html', controller:'chatCtrl' } } })

<ion-view hide-back-button="true" class=" "> <ion-nav-buttons side="left"> <button class="button button-icon button-clear" menu-toggle="left"><i class="icon menu-icon ion-navicon"></i></button> </ion-nav-buttons> <ion-nav-title> Meggy </ion-nav-title> <ion-content class="has-header" padding="true"> <div> <ul ng-repeat="message in conversation" class="messages"> <li ng-style="set_style(message.user)"> <p type="{{message.user}}">{{ message.message }}</p> </li> </ul> </div> </ion-content> <ion-footer-bar align-title="left" class="bar-stable"> <input ng-model="message" type="message" placeholder="Type a message"></input> <button ng-click="mojo_button()" type="send">Mojo</button> </ion-footer-bar> </ion-view>

I have figured out what was the problem. In my CSS styles in one state I have redefined the ul li class which was then inherited by the other sibling state, thus every time I have navigated to the state and then backwards, the CSS was redefined… Sorry my problem.