PlayStore showing different minsdk from the AndroidManifest.xml one


I’ve encountered a really weird behaviour related to the minSdk of my app. Actually it doen’s break anything but I wonder if someone else has noticed this problem. I have an app already published in the play store, with a xwalk and a xwalk free version.

I have noticed that the google play console says the two xwalk versions(arm & x86) are compatible with API levels from 14 to 20. The strange thing is that my config.xml file says minsdk=15 and maxsdk=20.

I have chequed the android manifest and it reflects the config.xml versions correctly.

¿Has anyone noticed this behaviour? ¿Does the play store change the min sdk from 15 to 14 on purpose? There are very few devices with this API level.


Crosswalk has a hook script that writes into config.xml maybe it’s writing sdk version.


I’ve found out that it’s a bug with an open JIRA: