Playstore QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES issue

I updated my IONIC app on playstore on July 19, they validated but sent me the following message: “Unable to send updates because some information about your app is incomplete”

in this new update, I used the QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES permission so that content sharing (with the social sharing plugin) works on phones with android 11.

they say my app is asking for sensitive permission, and for that i have to justify why i need those permissions. When I read their their terms of use for this permission, I realize that my app does not meet those terms.
my application is an announcement application in which I allow users to share the content on social networks (facebook, whatsapp, telegram and twitter) with the social sharing plugin.

when I implement this sharing without using QUERY_ALL_PACKAGES, it does not work on phones with advanced versions of android (11)

What to do please?

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Okay, had to edit this comment, since it was unrelated.
For me it is currently not visible where i even can request/set this right :smiley: