Play live stream in udp format using IONIC?

Hello everyone!!! can we build an app using ionic to play udp stream?

What does “play udp stream” mean?

Er . I have a video link which is in udp format

Ex : udp://@

So i want to build an app which can play this video link in mobile.

How would you do that on a website?

thank you for your comment. er , actually i am new to ionic, n i am trying to do that. i dont know i can do that in ionic or not ?

or do you know the other way to play udp live stream in mobile ?

I have no idea. But I try to help you figure it out yourself instead of doing the work for you (and spend 20 minutes googling around).

I would find out how one would play a UDP stream on a normal website. This will probably also work in an Ionic app.

many thanks. i have tried vrious ways plugging in vlc playin browser. but that does not work at all. i seem to find no answer about this . lolzz

So it also doesn’t work in a normal browser on a normal website? Then it also probably won’t be possible in Ionic, unless you find a Cordova plugin that enables that functionality.

i’m also not sure about that , but i am trying to do it.