Play audio with ionic 2 on windows phone

Hello ionites !

I am struggling to play audio on windows phone (universal) with ionic 2.

This is my code :

playAudio (audioFileName){

let path = audioFileName;

if (‘android’)) {
//works fine on android
path = “/android_asset/www/” + path ;
} else if (‘windows’)) {
//does NOT work on windows phone universal
path = “ms-appdata:///local/” + path ;
var file = new MediaPlugin(path);;

I have added line
<preference name="windows-target-version" value="10.0"/>

to my config.xml,
app launch fine , all images are displayed correctly but I hear not audio when I call this method using the Media player plugin.

This code works fine for android, I can hear the sound but no sound on windows phone (10)

Please help.