Platform OS minimum version classes


I know that we have platform OS version classes (such as platform-android or platform-android4_1), but does anyone know of a good strategy for applying a “minimum” or an “at least” platform OS version class?

For example, I’d like to be able to target (in my CSS) devices that are running Android v4.4 or greater. 4.4 specifically offers better flexbox support, so I want to be able to leverage that and give more graceful fallbacks for anything that is less than 4.4.

Is there anything available where I can target a class like platform-android-gt4_3? Or will I need to target platform-android4_4, platform-android5, platform-android6, etc?

Or perhaps would it be better if I set my defaults to use flexbox and then target platform-android4, platform-android4_1, platform-android4_3 with my non-flexbox code?

Anybody have any strategies that have worked well?