Platform iOS 13.4 no detect

Platform (@ ionic / angular) does not detect the platform for ios 13.4 (tested on ipad ios 13.4 emulator)

Hey there. Can you provide some example of how you are trying to detect the platform? what code are you using?

import { Platform } from “@ionic/angular”;

private platform: Platform
) {


public load() {
if(“ios”) {


i’am use ionic 6.9.2
with versions prior to ios 13.4 it works correctly. only happens with ios 13.4

Mmm, I just tried this with capacitor, and it worked fine for me :thinking:

Are you using cordova?

yes. cordova and angular

try adding a platform.ready call before hand

    this.plt.ready().then(() => {

Otherwise the device features on cordova wont be 100%


  this.platform.ready().then(() => {
     this.systemService.load().then(() => {

Hey I am also experiencing this issue on ios 13.6 (ipad).

Heres how I’m checking
Screenshot 2020-07-16 at 17.06.14

This produces the following on ios 13.6 (ipad)

Heres the output running on ios 12.4.7 (ipad)

I can only upload three images at a time so heres the environment