.platform-android .platform-ios


Hi everybody,

I have a problem with flex-container on my android tablet. The responsive is okay on ipad, iphone, android smartphone, but not on android tablet.
I dont know why so I want to try to fix a width in my media query, but the problem is : .platform-android {} doesnt work.

I tried a simple .platform-android { background:yellow; } in the global CSS, but nothing changes. Do you know how is it work ?


Could you post some css of what you have?


I have a lot …
But here is about my problem :

.platform-android { width:800px; background:yellow }
.platform-android div { width:50%; float:left; }


Hmm, I just tested this out and it seemed to work fine for me.
Is it possible that the css is getting overwritten by something else?


Yes, that was it. I found some hours ago …
Thanks anyway !