Plans for <select> in Ionic2?

Can we expect the basic component in Ionic2 in nearest future?

We don’t have a timeline on when select will be implemented. We want to improve the current components before adding new ones. We are working on issues with higher priority first:"P0%3A+critical""P1%3A+urgent"

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@brandyshea, thanks for reply - fair enough.

Off-topic: Any chance you can assign priority to and tag it as a bug? It is an existing Segment component.

Done, thanks! :smile:

At first I thought it was odd that you didn’t include from the start since it felt like such a common form element, but now that I look around at other apps, it doesn’t seem so widely used, it’t way more common to open a new page with a list of radio buttons, and on select, navigate back to the previous page.

Of course, does have its use, but I think people don’t realize the alternative at first, just like I didn’t, and the absence of a select component may seem show stopping, even tho it’s probably not.