Picture from facebook album


I build ionic application (version 2 of ionic).

I search a lot after option of cordova-camera-plugin for let user choose photo from his facebook-album, for disaply it to other app-users.

Is there any way to do it?

Or is there other way to do that, not by cordova-camera?


For the cordova camera plugin you can only select from 3 different source types:


None of these will give you access to the users Facebook images. If you want to access something Facebook related, you need to perform some sort of OAuth Login for Facebook and afterwards get access to the images using a call to the Facebook API.

For more about connecting Ionic 2 with Facebook read the Ionic Native docs for Facebook integration.


Thanks for the information.
But, can you provide me link to code sample? I read a lot about this subject and not success to understand How can I actually implement it.