Phonegap build and ion-slide on Android problem


While building a little newsapp with ionic and Phonegap Build, I came across a problem that only happens in the Android application. When I swipe starting on the text between the <h2> or <p> tags nothing’s happening. When I start with my finger on a white area, even at the end of a paragraph, it swipes just fine. Starting from the list I can also swipe to the next panel.

I have this code several times for different newsletters inside <ion-slide-box>

<div class="row responsive-md">
<div class="col" id="articles" ng-controller="contMainNews">
	<div ng-repeat="article in news|limitTo:14">
	<ion-scroll scrollbar-y="false" ng-controller="contMainNews" class="col col-33">
		  <ion-item ng-repeat="article in news">

In the Chrome browser on Android and in the iPad app everything works fine.
Maybe this is a Phonegap problem but I hope someone can help …


Apparently it had to do with the length of the list. Because it was going under the fold, the slide didn’t work. Now I noticed scrolling in the list doesn’t work either on that same browser (Android 4.2.2). It seems from other posts the problem is known. Android 4.4.2 scrolls as it should. Phonegap however, does not. Both ion-scroll and ion-content with scroll=“true” result in an overflow without being able to scroll. I made a striped down version with just the scroll and it didn’t work. Also this demo-app I found does not scroll on Phonegap Android and the Android 4.2.2 webbrowser.