Phonecall trap plugin

Hello guys, i´m new at the ionic and i install phone call trap ( and i want to get a number, when somebody calls to me, is it possible in ionic v2, i use typescript and the plugin was in js, what i do? I already try to defines the var like somebody said on the issues, but no luck. When i try to import the module, my ts file dont recognise the path to js.

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I already tried that but it couldn´t find a module:

And this is my js file on the plugin folder:

ok it worked like this

import {PhoneCallTrap} from 'io.gvox.plugin.phonecalltrap/www/PhoneCallTrap';

so i put the code inside the app.component.ts and give me a error that dont get http://localhost:8100/PhoneCallTrap.js and the property oncall was udefined.

Someone can help me?

I have the same issue like you. Did you resolved it?