Persistence of SQLite

Has anyone ever experienced problems with a SQLite database disappearing from an app? I am using SQLite to persist user data in my app. If the app cannot find the user data in the SQLite DB the user is shown a log in screen. Some users are reporting that they are being “logged out” and my diagnostic and logging tools show that the app is not able to find the SQLite database.

If I download the app container from an iOS device I can open the SQLite DB and see it’s contents so it is definitely there at some point.

Any ideas? I’m totally stumped.

This is exactly I faced in our internal team app. Some of the users were reporting being logged out every now and then. Problem with my case was app was unintentially using websql sometimes instead of sqlite.

I mentioned it here and here

Maybe it can help you. See this gist -

And sample usage in my app -

Android? Users do crazy stuff to “clean” their devices there, including manually deleting file from apps. Maybe this is the case here?