Permalink that prompts to download the app if they don't have it already

What is the way to do a permalink that asks the person to download the app if they don’t have it? Otherwise, it should open the specific post.

My app has ‘posts’ which can be shared with a permalink to the specific post on various platforms. The thing is, for this to happen I assume there should be a web presence. But once you go to the specific link it should open in the app. If the person viewing doesn’t have the app it should prompt him to download.

I think you are searching for a deep linking solution, in that case,

Thanks. Yes, I need a deep linking solution but a little different. Let me elaborate a bit more in the description.

@reedrichards Please check the edited description

I have gone through and and found that what I am talking about is Deferred deep links.

I read again your description and still have the feeling the solution is but I probably miss something

I know that in the subject “deep linking” I use Branch and otherwise I also use sometimes but not the same purpose, don’t know if it’s related to what you try to achieve

No more ideas than that, sorry

No. You are right. Branch has “Deferred Deep Linking” which is what I am looking for.

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Coolio, happy to hear I could help, have fun