Performance: .ts vs .js

i use javascript in my ionic 2 project and the perfomance is a little bit bad (i know beta etc. :wink: )
But i want to know if it is better to use js oder typescript?


Typescript is just a superset of javascript, with typings and more. Typescript transcompiles to javascript. (My point of view: A major advantage is code maintainability)

A performance point of view, javascript or typescript is exactly the same.

To improve performance , we must improve the code (javascript or typescript, that’s the way).

What is the context of your project? a big list with images? What are the moments that make slow down the application ?


you can see it for example in my app:
The point “1. Mannschaft” loads very slow… maybe the tabs or the fact i dont use virtual scroll? Or is it maybe that i doesnt use ionic components (i use for the “spiele” tab every time new divs …
its only this part which is bothering me about performance… the rest is in my opinion normal and okay

sorry , it is difficult to identify the problem that way.

You should identify the process that takes time, with debug.

At a glance, your application makes 49M , which is a significant size.