Performance measures tips


Hi Group,

I wonder if there is any of you who can share some inside what are the best way to fine tune
and measure performance of your ionic application.

As 1 major part of my app is done based on collection repeat and I would like to know how it performs so I would like know :

  1. How long does it take collection repeat to render all visible items.
    ** are there any events hooks I can use to do some timing ?

  2. Is it possible to measure on how each binding that I have in my list taking time to load ?

    • I suspect that issue I have with a jerky scrolling are not really only all those big images
      but other things in my list. When I comment out the scrolling does not change
    • Even with web worker.
  3. Are there any good profilers besides Chrome and its developer tools

  4. Is there anything I need to be aware, in terms of directive, includes that could make a impact ?

  5. When you read in order to feel that scrolling is smooth it should be < 60 fps. Is it something we can measure ? how our scrolling compares to it ?

Basically its hard to put in any improvement like (web worker), if I am not even sure what is the real cause behind this jumpy scrolling.

For example if I qoute following sentence from @andy I think …

Whenever you set the src of an img on iOS to a non-cached value, there is a
freeze of anywhere from 50-150ms–even on an iPhone 6

These insides I exactly need, to be able to come into the same conclusion. And this is probably more common question that could help more developers here.

So probably this is not really ionic specific question as maybe AngularJS/JS



Sorry, where did you get that quote from? lol


Sorry let me edit it :wink: I put in @… and it automatically filled in a name just before it was submitted.
it was different Andew (Andy) :wink: