Performance Improvement in lower end devices

How we can achieve performance improve in lower end android versions tabs and phones like 4.4 version of android without using crosswalk?

Depends on the app.

Josh Morony has written at least one article on this topic.

Using Ionic 4 and stencil might be able to reduce the package size.

@IonicGeAfter , thanks for the reply, after the code enhancement, optimization and reduced package size, do we have any other way to improve like, on tap of a button higher end devices if it takes 100ms to respond the old end devices will take 300ms… So, do we have any idea/way to make it to 100ms?

So, after applying the optimisations the performance on a high end device would go from 100 to 40 ms?

A Ford will never go as fast as a Ferrari - despite what they say in the movies. :grinning: