Peculiar Problem on Samsung Note 3

I built my app with PhoneGap build but am using Telerik AppBuilder. I don’t know if that has anything to do with this, but it works fine on other phones and on iOS.

You can see the bottom half. It just gets cut off, even when i pull out the menu from the left.

The main menu start page I have doesn’t have this issue so I am thinking it might be the pull out menu, but then why would it work on other phones, and it has even worked fine on this phone several times, but then it reverts back to this, not working.

I will try to use a different side menu, but I am just curious why this would happen.

Hey @tvle83, can you post more code? It looks like you might be missing a tag or something.

If the content is dynamic, you’ll want to resize the scroll area when the content changes:

controller('MyCtrl', function($ionicScrollDelegate) {
  // When it changes

Hope that helps!

Thanks for the help! But it didn’t change anything on my app =(

I am going to move on. It is only affecting me right now so I will just get other things working instead of getting stuck on this.

Thanks again! :slight_smile: