Paypal Card scanning doesn't work

Hello team,
I’m using the Ionic Native Paypal plugin and it works fine. but The payment using Card Scaning doesn’t work.
The camera scan the card but do nothing after that. I have tested on Android and iphone and it is the same result.

Please help

Please show us your code.

Here is my code. I init the paypal payment by calling my function payment()

import { Component } from '@angular/core';
import { NavController, NavParams } from 'ionic-angular';
import { PayPal, PayPalPayment, PayPalConfiguration } from '@ionic-native/paypal';

import { PaymentstatusPage } from "../paymentstatus/paymentstatus";

 * Generated class for the PaymentPage page.
 * See for more info
 * on Ionic pages and navigation.

  selector: 'page-payment',
  templateUrl: 'payment.html',
export class PaymentPage {

  constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams, private payPal: PayPal) {

  ionViewDidLoad() {
    console.log('ionViewDidLoad PaymentPage');

      PayPalEnvironmentProduction: 'YOUR_PRODUCTION_CLIENT_ID',
      PayPalEnvironmentSandbox: 'mysandboxid'
    }).then(() => {
      // Environments: PayPalEnvironmentNoNetwork, PayPalEnvironmentSandbox, PayPalEnvironmentProduction
      this.payPal.prepareToRender('PayPalEnvironmentSandbox', new PayPalConfiguration({
        // Only needed if you get an "Internal Service Error" after PayPal login!
        //payPalShippingAddressOption: 2 // PayPalShippingAddressOptionPayPal
      })).then(() => {
        let payment = new PayPalPayment('1', 'USD', 'Description', 'sale');
        this.payPal.renderSinglePaymentUI(payment).then((data) => {
          // Successfully paid

          this.navCtrl.setRoot(PaymentstatusPage, {"statut" : "success"});

        }, (e) => {
          // Error or render dialog closed without being successful
      }, (e) => {
        // Error in configuration
    }, (e) => {
      // Error in initialization, maybe PayPal isn't supported or something else



I don’t have experience with that, where is the “scanning” happening in your code?
What triggers the payment method?

statut looks like a typo.

Yes “statut” is a typo. but not important.

Now my question is : How to handle card scaning success event and proceed to the payment with card informations ?

See my other questions:

There is nothing about the “scanning” in the code.

Card scanning is already provided by the SDK. but the problem is that after you scan the id card, nothing happen next.
Should we need to add additional code in order to continue the payment after the scan ?

If yes, what code should we add ?

Hi, I’m having the same problem. Did you find the solution?