Patient group looking for support with Own app

Hi. My name is Rogier Koning and I;m member of a patientgroup. We have Cluster headaches, also called Suicide headaches.

Our app is called nobism and we use it to collect data about all our attacks and treatments. The data we collect we join together and try to find our own solutions of best treatments. Data is only stored on our phones

We are looking for support to connect our app to a non-profit platform called to be able to go on with our patient driven research.

Open Humans is giving grants to connect data imput and we are offered one.
What needs to be done:
Connect to the API of openhumens (can be done with Auth0 which is already installed in the app but inactive)
create a new output so data can be stored on openhumans as txt or excel or other document type
If possible being able to load the file from openhumans and get the backup from openhumans into the app as data.
Change our email output; our app now gives the option to send an email with all data in json, but the output has some mistakes and now it takes a lot of time to edit it.

Hi @Koning1975

I can help. PM sent.


Hello @Koning1975

I am happy to assist you. You can contact me manish[at]

If possible I’d like to work on this project! I think any app that help people to overcome a problem worth it!
You can reach me at:

Thanks and good luck!

Hi Daniel,

  My name is Rogier Koning and yes my setup finally is to try and

find a way so patients can do their own research and collect their
own knowledge about treatments based on their own data. Because I
myself am a Cluster headache patients I use my idea within our own
group to go forward.

  But the project isn't based on diagnose. Its based on collecting

data about symptoms and treatments (that what we feel as patients
and that what we do to feel better) So any group could use it.

  Shall we plan a skype-call and could you explain something about

yourself? With skype I can also share my screen and show what we
have done already.

  My skype is Koning75, just connect and say hi