PartyPicture App - Beta


I about to release my app officially. Probably next week. Would be great if some people would have a look and give me some feedback. Like what is good, what bad, what horrible, … or anything else.

The app allows to share pictures with people at the same event (currently parties for probably younger people). Identification is via Facebook and joining happens via QR-Code. Pictures do not just get shared via the app, they also get directly displayed live on a special website which can be shown on a TV, projector or whatever else. The party owner can decide what is shown (latest image, loop, selected image) and can change the look a little bit.

The Android version is the current one, the iOS one is like 10 days old (because that is how long it always takes them to approve it). If anybody wants to test the latest iOS version simply drop me a line then I add you to the beta-tester list.

And also a website:

The app itself is obviously bulid with ionic. The backend is mainly node.js (Loopback), passenger, MongoDB and If anybody else has any other questions simply contact me.



Cant download. I am from India. What is the reason. I use Android 4.4

same problem send me apk file

Sorry, forgot that I just had it published in the android store for testing in some countries. Now published it worldwide. Should be available in the next hours everywhere.

Thanks a lot for giving it a try!

Ah and btw. Creating a small party is free. Also can the party itself with all the pictures easily be deleted through the “Party Admin” on the “Parties” tab.
And if anybody is interested in using it in a real event, simply drop me a line I will then add you to a list of users that can also create Large Parties for free. Just need the email address you use with Facebook.

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Thanks everybody who did send me feedback!

We launched now. If anybody wants to use it, you can temporary create “Large Parties” for free by simply submitting your email address here:

Afterwards the price of the party in the app will be “free”.