Partly builds / rebuilding single Ionic modules

Hey there,

I’m thinking about a theoretical solution for customizing an app (by a different developer).
Is it possible to build a single Ionic module?

I’m thinking of the following scenario:

  • Developer X develops an app with module A,B and C
  • Developer Y receivers the build result for the whole app as well as the source code of module C
  • Developer Y makes changes to module C and rebuilt the certain module and overwrites the corresponding built module C on the app (e.g. main2.js on the www folder)

Is that somehow possible? Another option would be dynamic components, but I’m trying to avoid them as much as possible.

Thanks in advance - any help is appreciated!

Builds in Ionic are not reproducible - so if you run the same build process 2 times, you will never get the exact same result. As all the bundles interact, you shouldn’t try to change one while keeping the others unchanged.

Thanks for clarifying that. Any other idea or suggestion how to let somebody modify a certain Ionic Module that is embedded in an App without sharing the whole Sourcecode? Is it possible to release all other modules as prebuilt npm package?

What does “module” mean? Angular has the concept of components that can be exchanged easily.