Parser Error: Unexpected token #,

I am getting an error when performing an http get call for JSON data where the JSON has a ‘#’ in the path. Everything is working and returning/displaying except for when i try to display an image where the path has ‘#’ in it.

in the JSON return below i am trying to display the image at artist.image[3].#text

Here is the JSON returned:


This Works

     <ion-item *ngFor="let song of songs | musicsearchfilter">

BUT when I try to display the image

<img src="{{song?.image[3].#text}}">

I get the following error:

Parser Error: Unexpected token #

use the bracket notation for the #text

<img src="{{song?.image[3][#text]}}">

Thank you! that worked.

<img src="{{song?.image[3]['#text']}}">