Parse-server issue with user signUp

Trying to use the parse-server locally by using the github sample project example. I have it up and running and am trying to connect a sample ionic front end to it. Using the latest js parse sdk build.

//Initialize my Local Host App
Parse.serverURL = ‘http://localhost:1337/parse’;
For some reason User.Parse object is not working when I call the .signUp functionality

var user = new Parse.User();
user.set(“username”, "");
user.set(“password”, “123456”);
user.set(“email”, "");
user.signUp(null, {
Error I get in console in chrome & firefox is : POST http://localhost:1337/parse/users net::ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE

.logIn functionality

Parse.User.logIn(‘’, ‘123456’, { Error I get in console in chrome & firefox is : POST http://localhost:1337/parse/login 404 (Not Found)

And creating a random Message object works just fine

var Message = Parse.Object.extend(“Message”);
var message = new Message();
message.set(“title”, “Hi”);
message.set(“description”, “Text here”);

Is there something I need to do differently with the parse-server with signing up users and logging in users?

The weird part is if I push the parse-server backend into Heroku then it works just fine.