Parse Json and Getting Single String value

Hello, i am new in ionic platform, i am calling api, and after get result as below ,
{Status: “1”, Message: “Success”, inserted data: 84}, and now i want parse json value and get the string “Message” and then i want call another api , so anyone can help me for getting the single string, Thanks in advance.


if you want print message string try below code:

if(res.Status == 1){
console.log("Message: ", res.Message)


thanks but it’s not work for me.

Finally i got answer myself,
First parse json data and then get particular string , which shown as below,

items: any;
result: JSON;
allData: any;

   this.result = data;   // get data in result variable
  this.items = JSON.stringify(this.result); // then convert data to json string
  this.allData = JSON.parse(this.items); // parse json data and pass json string
  console.log(this.allData['Message']); // got result of particular string

and if i want display it in html?