Parse Error

Hello community
I have a weird error, and it’s probably android more than my app.

I have an app that can download and open apks from a server.
If I set it to download to “externalDataDirectory” (sdcard), then my new apk starts to install
but if I set it to download to “dataDirectory” (internal), then android yells Parse Error, There was a problem parsing the package. Same apk, different download/open location.

Any hints why this happens ?

maybe something offtopic:

But you should android play store and app store agreements.
If you want to set your app up the stores… you may fail, because it is not allowed to download other apps through an own server.

Apps are only allowed to be downloaded through the stores.

Point 4.5 :wink:

I understand and I agree with you, but I’m just experimenting.