slow on iOS


Posting this here as I think it may be ionic specific, rather than parse.

I have some code that runs a parse cloud function, then processes the results. This uses their javascript api (1.3.0), and is running in an ionic framework app (beta 13). When running on a mac in chrome browser the response normally takes around 500ms, and is similar on Android. The exact same code running on iOS seems to differ quite wildly. Its always much slower, and can take anywhere from 3 to 20 seconds. Both iOS and mac are on the same wireless network. Why is it so much slower, and how can I speed it up?

var start =; console.log("PARSE CLOUD RUN");'getFixtures', {teamID : teamID, divisionID : divisionIDs}, { success: function(response) { console.log("PARSE CLOUD SUCCESS :" + ( - start));


After more investigation it seems to be related to $ionicLoading where I show the activity indicator before the code listed, then hide it afterwards. Also tried spin.js with the same results. The iOS simulator is unaffected but on device its real slow to respond from the request.