Parent controller not reloaded after clicking back button from child view

i created a new ionic project using ionic start foo sidemenu

i have a favorites view that is accessible from the side menu:

from within my favorites view, when i click on a favorite item (<li> tag), i get the individual favorited item shown to me with the favorite view. when i remove an item from my favorites from this view, and i click the back button to get to the parent view (the favorites view) and it is still within my favorites

i noticed that the favorites resolve is being handled, however, a debugger statement in the first line of the favorites controller isn’t firing. so the controller of the parent view isn’t being reloaded after hitting the back button from within a child view.

has anyone ran into something like this and how did you get around it?

i tell you that i created the app with ionic start foo sidemenu so that you know what index.html looks like