@Page to @Component <undefined> in DOM

Hello !

I migrated from beta6 to beta10 (Huuuuuge gap) and I have a problem for the migration from the deprecated “@Page” to “@Component” on just one page

I saw that when I push a new page, there’s an “” in the DOM for each page, but, for this special page, there’s an “”.

I don’t know how to reproduce it, but I’ll be interested in an explanation on how it works ? If I understand how it works, I should be able to find what’s wrong with that page (which works perfectly with @Page)


Please share some code. Also, make sure you’re check the change log for everything that could be there.

Sorry, I didn’t find any good code to give to help me.

But I found the problem : I had (forwardRef()) in both sides (between a page and an other component). I removed a forwardRef() in on of the component, and now it works.