Page not loaded fully on ios devices

Hey All

I’ve recently encounter the following issue where the page (let’s call this Page A) is loaded but the bounded images and text was not displaying to the screen.

The page was navigated from “Page Source” via a button click, triggers the pin dialog and navigate it to the Page A e.g

buttonClickFunction() {
this.platform.ready().then(() => {
this.PinDialog.prompt(‘enter xxx’, ‘enter xxx’, [‘OK’, ‘Cancel’]).then(
(result: any) => {
if (result.buttonIndex == 1)
this.route.navigateByUrl(’/Page A’);

Page A - Code snippet
<img [src]=“status == ‘success’ ? ‘assets/img/success.png’ : ‘assets/img/error.png’” height=“150px” width=“150px”>
<span class=“success-text success-text1” [innerHTML]=“messageString1”></span><br>

I’ve assigned default value to the success and messageString1 param

If i removed the PinDialog step and perform the navigate to Page A from the button click. It works, all the images and text loaded successfully.

This issue only happens in ios device. Browser and Android device is fine
This is on ionic-v4

Any help please? Have not found a solution yet