Page disappears after opening - Deeplink Navigation issue

My Application contains 2 different pages which I need to open when user uses deeplinks. Deeplinks works fine but when I install application and open page(Using deeplink) it just shows up and got removed from the view stack. And when I do this multiple times then links open smoothly. I didn’t understand why this is happening in very first time when user install the app. Maybe there is some sort of caching page routes mechanism which is causing the problem.

       if (`${match.$args['type']}` == 'shop') {
          internalPath = '/tabs/market-place/wholesaler-store/category-detail-new'
          var navigationExtras: NavigationExtras = {
            state: {
              shop_id: `${match.$args['id']}`

        // Run the navigation in the Angular zone => {
          this.router.navigateByUrl(internalPath, navigationExtras);