Padding data from homepage to modal

I have functions in my homepage that i want to trigger using buttons I created in my modal. I tried to pass the function to the Modal page like so

I then used navParams to get the data within the function for the button in my modal

but it triggers the function as it creates the modal. I don’t want this, I want to trigger the function with the button I made in my modal( the placeemoji() function you see in the second picture).

i can’t understand why you pass a function in model instead of data.have you get data this way ?
and you can direct put that function in your model.ts file you dont have to pass function

So I don’'t have to pass anything to the modal??..How would i put the function directly in my modal, with navParams? can you give an example??

basically you want to trigger button click on modal right ?

yes…the button is in the modal i want it to trigger a function in the home page.

So you can return value from model or you can generate click event in model.ts file same as you did it in your page

Could you show me how using the code in screenshots.

your home.ts file

 let modal = this.modalCtrl.create('EmojiPage', { giddy: datauwant2pass});
 modal.onDidDismiss((data) => {

and you model.ts
here your model button click

> CloseModel()

CloseModel() {