Packging Error in the new CLI


Hi, im getting an error when i try to use

ionic package debug android

everything goes ok but the email i get says this:

Ionic Export Error: myApp Apk Debug
For User AppId 32d638c0
exit status 1
[Error: Plugin doesn’t support this project’s cordova version. cordova: 3.0.0, failed version requirement: >=3.1.0]

i think it’s becuase of the inapp browser plugin, could that be?


When i remove the inAppBrowser plugin it does get created, and i can download the APK and all is well, but i need that plugin, any way around this?

@mhartington please… this is urgent…


Hey there.

So this seems to be that your local version of cordova is only 3.0.0.

You should be able to just update your version of cordova and be all set.


Hi @mhartington, but when i check my version it says 3.5.0-0.2.7…

i even wne to the project directory and used

 cordova platform update android

but it didn’t work as well…


Do you have an older version of the inappbrowser?

Any chance you could email me a copy of the project and I could try it out on my machine?

My email is mike[at]drifty[dot]com


that might just was it, i removed my InAppBrowser plugin and ran the add from :

cordova plugin add

and now the ionic CLI packaged it good and sent the APK to my email, but as one problem falles, another rises…

now whan i use the APK and try to connect with FB with the inapp browser through the APK i get this:

but if i connect my device and run it through with netBeans (and the jdk works here i guess)
then it all works fine and it gets back to the app with everything OK…

any idea why that might happen?
(P.S : the packaged version also ignores my app icon i enterd and of course modified in config.xml)

Thanks for all your help so far @mhartington , hope you could help with the rest aswell…


Hmm, well the package function is still in beta, so that could be why.

Lets try to use the cordova functionality

cordova build android --release


the file it created is have the size of the CLI build size… and it won’t install on the phone…


Any chance you could send me the project to look at?

It could help resolve the issue a bit quicker


Check your Email please