Packaging for iphone and Ipad


Hello guys,

Do I need to create a separate package for ipad distribution?

How to submit one package for both ipad and Iphone?

Thanks in advance,


You would need to create 2 separate apps, and change the distribution settings in xcode.



2 separate packages - I am working with ionic project/platform/ios code and how to create separate package for iPad in Xcode - any suggestions?

Distribution settings - you mean in deployment info?


Well you could just write the iphone version first, copy the contents and then make an ipad specific one from there.

And yeah I meant deployment info, it’s been a while since I’ve open xcode :smile:


Well, I did a deploy for I-phone version and I was able to download the app to I-Pad too!
So we don;t need to generate two separate packages unless you’ve a different deigns for phone and IPad…


Is there no way we can make a Universal App ? Can we write once and build for iphone and ipad too?


Yes but you would also need screenshots for iPod and iPad