Package download id 1 works fine. id's 2 or higher return error

I’m trying to download a .apk to test on my own device using ‘ionic package download’ image

Does ionic only allow 1 build? or am i missing something?

Seems that build 4 has status = FAILED, not status = SUCCESS. Ionic Package only lets you download successful builds.

That would make sense indeed, however there is no error whatsoever upon building the package itself. it even uploads it and defines an id to the build. Any idea what could cause a failed build without giving an actual error in the cli?

I am talking about the Package build, not the local Ionic CLI build. After you call ionic package build the cloud tries to build your upload as a native app. You can also view this on

Ah i see, The cloud based package build gives an error:

Error: cordovaProject.projectConfig.getFileResources is not a function

(note the ID has changed since i tried to create a new app from scratch with the same code)

I’m unsure as to what this error means and more importantly what to do to avoid / fix this.

Thanks for your help so far Sujan!