Overriding directives/parts

I wonder which is the best approach to override some functionalities of specific directives, specifically i’m looking to replace ionSideMenuContent setTranslateX functionality.
I know i can go and change it in ionic.bundle.js but re-applying the patch every new version of ionic is sub-optimal. I did think about copy pasting the whole directive and overwrite it at run time, but i am not sure if that’s the best way either.

To answer my own question, the only viable way i found was to copy paste the whole directive, rename it and including it in my files. I am convinced there must be a better way than this.

Take a look at this page.

It explains how you can extend a already built directive by changing the priority

@mhartington i did know about that already actually but i didn’t think it was possible to stack them from 2 different modules, thanks for that!

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