Override App API hardware back button


I want to remove the code line that exists the app when the hardware back button is pressed in the code source of App API


this code that handles hardware back button in app.js

 App.prototype.goBack = function() {
        if (this._menuCtrl && this._menuCtrl.isOpen()) {
            return this._menuCtrl.close();
        var navPromise = this.navPop();
        if (navPromise === null) {
            // no views to go back to
            // let's exit the app
            if (this._config.getBoolean('navExitApp', true)) {
                (void 0) /* console.debug */ ;
        return navPromise;

I want to delete the line this._plt.exitApp(); .
How to override this function in the cleanest way possible?
Or am I obliged to change the code source ?

platform.registerBackButtonAction(() => {
    // Do stuff here

Tried that?


Yea I tried that. When I press hardware back button it takes time to go back (650ms) on a samsung a3 2014 probably because this method is a promise. But I changed the code source it works just fine and it’s fast.