Orientation Change doesn't update cached collection-repeat views

I’ve found that if you use collection-repeat and you rotate your device while on another tab then when you go back to the original tab its stuck assuming the width of the previous orientation so it looks weird. For now I’ve put in place this workaround that clears my view cache whenever the device rotates.

window.addEventListener("orientationchange", function() {
  }, false);

I know this is old but I see fit to reply here instead of creating a new topic.
I have the same problem, it’s kind of expected behaviour, but size does update if you change the orientation while in the collection-repeat’s view.

Got a codePen based on a blank tabs codePen so anyone can try it out. To replicate go to about tab, change the screen size (can be done easily with Developer tools > Responsive Design View in firefox) and go back to home tab.