Orient ion-split-pane on right side

I’m using an ion split pane to navigate through several pages.>
It’s original align is on the left hand side but i’d like it so be located on the right side.
To be more visual: Everything which was on the left shall be mirrored to the right.
I tried keyword attributes like “end” positioning with css, but it failed.

btw: as a ionic noob this shows me the documentation isnt rally intuitive and I often struggle to find a proper solution in the documentation. Without a Forum and the experienced community it would be a time wasting effort to find keywords and attributes which influence elements in ionic.

and one more thing: the anchors in the ionic doc are horrible. The display never fits to the example on the right.

See *.scss https://github.com/ionic-team/ionic/blob/master/src/components/split-pane

According to the docs you should just be able to add

To the ion-menu.

Ok, I see. Thanks for the quick reply first. @SigmundFroyd & @robinyo
Problem now is that i just manipulated “inner” menu-element-code so the Framework generated all the missing html parts around my individual html, including auto generated ion-menu element.
Could you link a source that explains how to handle auto generated html parts; force them to be generated im my individual source code, or some other solution?