Optional Component Inputs

Hello All,

A future thank you to any and all replies.

New to Angular 2/Ionic and I have a question regarding building components and attaching Inputs.

[using the Latest Ionic 2 Build with RC4]

I’ve built a checkbox component and in that component I’ve created inputs to attach form group and control names.

Often times all I really want to do is use the check box with it being in a form.

Is there a way I can make attaching my formControl and controlName OPTIONAL?

  <input type="checkbox" 
         [formControl]="formName.controls[controlName]" ***OPTIONAL? 
  <div class="check-square">
    <div class="check-inner-square">
  </div> {{label}}

and my ts

import {Component, Input, Output, EventEmitter} from '@angular/core';

    selector: 'primary-checkbox',
    templateUrl: 'build/directives/checkbox/checkbox.html'

export class Primarycheckbox {
  @Output() change = new EventEmitter();

  @Input() label: string;
  @Input() formName; //make this optional?
  @Input() controlName; //make this optional?

  onClick() {
    console.log("clicking check box");

I have tried putting

as whole input but that does not seem to work.

Thanks Again.