Optimize the infinite scrolling

hello everyone!

how optimize the infinite scrolling on ionic?

Angular it is bad framework for this objective… dirty checking, no garbage collector and ect, but ionic just super for mobile app

I refused from directive ng-repeat for the productivity, but i have many lags (20 - 30 adverts)

each adverts include

  1. ionic slider (0 - 10 img)
  2. description
  3. buttons

My directive generate advert from json and append in the DOM (after each uploading adverts pack)

when hide(ng-if) invisible adverts, i get performance boost (+20 advert)… it is so poorly(

maybe use pagination it this algorithm?
i.e i get 3 adverts, then again and again. then i add this packs in the html block with (ng-if)
later repeat with pages and ect.

will be fewer calculations… or no?

How are you do it?