Optimize existing app on Android

We have an existing app (almost dev complete but not yet in app stores) that has been developed using Ionic, but we need to improve the performance on Android (preferably through Crosswalk), supporting Android 4.1+ (The app is working very well on iOS - it is just Android we are having issues with).

The app has been developed by experienced senior JS developers, but are relatively new to Ionic.

This job requires a developer who knows how to get the best performance out of both iOS and Android using the Ionic platform.

If that sounds like you, please reply.

I have been working with Ionic for more than an year and I believe that I can definitely be a good fit for this role. You can drop me a mail at anmolaroraxyz@gmail.com for requirement specific discussion.

Thanks @anmolarora - I’ve managed to solve most of the pressing issues with input from the Ionic community on Slack. A combination of native scroll and Crosswalk (along with ionic state and reinstalling npm modules) did the trick. Thanks for reaching out.

That’s great. Ionic community is always there to help. But in case you need my help in future, you can always contact me at the email id that I’ve already mentioned.
Good luck for your product.