Opinions on a gameboard

Hi guys :smile:

I thought I’d ask the communities advice and use that to generate some ideas for my build!

I’m creating a very simple game, which is played on a 10x10 space (or board if you will). So I need 100 possible blocks that the user can interact with. Each block with a corresponding X and Y co-ordinate.

The 10x10 space will have a background image to denote the playing area.

I will also have pieces which the player can place in the 10 x 10 space and so need to represent these somehow.

How would you guys go about designing this playing area?

A view with the background image showing the playing area and then 10 buttons / paragraph blocks with a ng-click “executing” when the player touches? Then 10 rows of these to make up the 10x10 grid?

My idea doesn’t seem very clean, but I think it’ll work, if you guys have some advice for me I’d really appreciate it :smiley:


No thoughts guys? :slight_smile: