Opening a side menu from a list

I was playing around with the start template, and I decided to add a sidemenu. It seems, and I confirmed by looking at some other demos, that the side menu cannot be dragged open from any area where there is a list.
Is there anything that can be done about that?

I’ve used a list and side menu before and could drag to open it. Any codepens where I could take a look?

Have a look here:

If you notice, you can drag the menu open from anywhere except the list item.

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Good catch, best bet would be to open an issue ticket on github. Seems to be an issue with the ion-list directive. I changed it to use just the bare css classes and everything worked fine. Until the issue is resolved, I would use the css.

What do I lose by using the bare css classes as opposed to the directive?

If you choose not to use the directives, you’ll loose the addition functionality

@mhartington Is right on this. If you don’t need the added functionality of deleting, reordering, etc, there’s really no point in having this code in your app. I imagine it even adds a bit of overhead that could slow your app down. I almost always use just simple lists:

<div class="item" ng-repeat="invitation in invitations">